Space Academy Singapore Junior 

Have an aspiring astronaut at home? Or simply looking for fun and educational activities to engage your child during the school holidays? Join our July holiday camps* and get your children acquainted with the cool and fascinating outer space.

Through specially curated modules, activities** and a field trip, students will learn what it takes to live and code in space, how satellites and orbits work and get a chance to build their own water rockets and rovers. 

*Minimum sign-up = 8 pax
**All learning materials will be provided.

Rocket Engineering 101
Living in Space
Satellites and their Orbits
All about Mars Rovers
Coding for Space
  • Age:
    9 - 12 years old
  • Dates:
    7 to 9 July 2021*
    9am - 4.30pm daily
    1 lunch & 2 snacks included daily
  • Venue
  • Lecture time
    5h 45 mins x 3 days
  • Instructors:
    Please click here
  • Level
Group discount available when you sign-up in a groups of 5 or more! For more information, please email
Alternative dates available:

Camp Requirements

  • Writing materials                                
  • Ability to type and identify characters on the keyboard
This course is brought to you by Space Academy Singapore.

For more information on other courses in Junior Space Camp, please email us at or call us at +65 9789 7318.

Meet your Space
Camp instructors

Adhitya graduated from the very first Space Academy Singapore. From there he went to the US to Purdue University to pursue Mechanical Engineering. ​​He is passionate about spreading his love of science and technology to the next generation and inspiring them to shoot for the stars.​
Gillian is the chief facilitator and content coordinator. 
Jonathan studies Aerospace Engineering at University of Bristol. He is enthusiastic about all things space and strives to influence others to explore and uncover the mysteries of the universe through applying our understanding of physics and mathematics on the problems we face every day.
Angela studies Chemistry and Physics at the University of St Andrews, aiming to pursue a career in the physical sciences to enrich society and drive progress. She has particular interests in material sciences, quantum and particle physics, as well as the aerospace industry. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I register for your courses?

Firstly, you have to create an account with us. You can do so by clicking on "Sign Up" button on the top right corner. Once you have signed up for an account, you can enroll yourself into paid or free courses. You can refer to the guide on the top bar for more information.

I have more than 1 child and would like to sign them up for the same course/camp - how do I do so?

To access our courses, each student will need their own personal account on Space Faculty Online. To do so, you will need to create an account for each of them on Space Faculty Online using their individual email. You can refer to the guide on how to sign up for an account for more information.

I have a problem signing up for one of the courses, who do I contact?

We are sorry that you faced troubles in signing up for the courses. Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you shortly. 

Will laptops be provided for the coding class?

Yes! Students will get to work together in groups of 4 during the space camp and laptops will be provided. 

Will transport be provided?

Transport to the camp venue will be provided and detailed information (camp venue, drop-off and pick-up location and timing at start & end of camp for participants) will be sent to confirmed registrants at a later date. If you have any special requests regarding the camp, please reach out to us at or +65 6735 7995 or WhatsApp +6597897318 if you need any assistance. and we will try our best to assist you. 

Can I drop off and pick up my child at the camp venue? 

Yes you can do so if it is more convenient for you. Please do drop us an email at or +65 6735 7995 or WhatsApp +6597897318 to inform us prior to the camp. 

What is the class size?

In adherence to Covid regulations, the maximum class size will be 24 students. Safety distancing measures will be employed during the camp. Do note that there is a minimum of 8 pax for the camp to be run. 

I am interested in getting updates for future courses, can you add me to your mailing list?

Please subscribe to our mailing list by entering your email at the bottom of the page. 

Covid-19 Safety Measures

In light of the new COVID restrictions in place, although our Space Camp classes are not affected, please be assured that we are paying close attention to the situation. The health and safety of our participants is our top priority.


Safe Management System

Rigorous checks in compliance with government guidelines will be carried out by our team to ensure the safety of our participants.


Safe distancing

We will assure that group sizes and interactions will follow the government guidelines, and safe distancing will be ensured.


Contact tracing

We would require all participants to check in and out of the classes. We maintain a detailed class attendance list and contact information, in additional to using SafeEntry.


Good personal hygiene

Masks are required to be worn by all participants and staff throughout the classes, with the exception of meal times. We encourage awareness around hygienic storage and disposal of masks – bins will be provided for disposal of used masks. Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial soap will be available for use.


Health checks

Temperature checks are mandatory at the beginning of each day. Participants and staff must have a temperature below 37.5 degree Celsius for access to the classes.



Our facilities will be cleaned between each class with anti-bacterial sanitizer.

Health and Safety of participants 
Students who have been placed on Leave of Absence or issued Stay Home Notice will not be allowed to attend the camp. If your child has been placed on LOA or SHN, please get in touch with the team at or +65 6735 7995 or WhatsApp +6597897318.  Students with fever and/or respiratory symptoms will not be allowed to attend the camp. If the student were to develop such symptoms during the camp, the student will be isolated from the class and his/her emergency contact will be contacted immediately. 

Cancellation Policy

As the team has to plan and place order in advance for the equipment and material, please do note that the following cancellation applies if a participant chooses to opt out of the camp and cancel his/her participation at his/her own choice:

  • 70% Cash refund for cancellation 2 weeks before the first day of the registered camp date
  • 50% Cash refund for cancellation 1 week before the first day of the registered camp date
  • 0% Cash refund for cancellation less than 1 week before the start of the camp

In the event that the organizer cancels the camp for any other reason(s) not stated below, the organizer reserves the right to not disclose the reason for cancellation to participants. The organizer will duly inform all participants affected by the cancellation and will provide full cash refund for the affected participants. 

Cancellation Policy - Covid 19

The organizer acknowledges the importance of health and safety of everyone and in view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Singapore, we have amended our cancellation policy in accordance with Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH)’s advisory and precautionary measures. You may refer to our Covid-19 Safety Measures on how we keep our participants safe during the camps.

To assure our families in these uncertain times - we will provide cash refund for our camps in the event of new advisories and/or restrictions (e.g., school closures) set by MOH and cannot deliver the camps, which is not the fault of the participants nor the organizer.  The cash refund will be subject to a transaction fee of S$30 per student. This fee partially covers the non-refundable deposits and payments made while organising the camp. Alternatively, parents can opt for full credit refund, which can be used for future camps by Space Academy Singapore. Do note that credit refunds will have an expiry of 1 year.

If a participant chooses to opt out of the camp and cancel his/her participation at his/her own choice without advisories and/or restrictions set by MOH, the following cancellation policies will apply:
  • 70% Cash refund for cancellation 2 weeks before the first day of the registered camp date
  • 50% Cash refund for cancellation 1 week before the first day of the registered camp date
  • 0% Cash refund for cancellation less than 1 week before the start of the camp



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Thank you!