*The camp took place in June 2019, before COVID-19 measures were in place. 

Having a blast at Space Camp 2019


Starting on a high note and ending up in the skies (literally), our space camp cadets got to be part of a 3-day programme that is scientific and fun at the same time. Learning about the galaxy, how an astronaut's body changes in space, how to design a rocket and build a rover, they also had hands-on activities building water rockets and basic coding. 

First up was learning about how it is like living on the International Space Station (ISS), how an astronaut's body reacts to the vastly different environment up in space. 

Then there was the fun bit of understanding the mechanics and engineering a rocket and its launch, which definitely helped the cadets in their creation of their own water rockets. 

Making their way to Science Centre, Singapore, they were given a guided tour to learn more about the galaxy and experienced the cold weather - a key component that's part of an astronaut training programme. 

Cadets also had a great time honing their understanding on rovers on the moon and mars, and expanding their knowledge about the rover missions. 
Working together in a team, experiencing teamwork, an essential skill for astronauts working in the ISS, they put their knowledge about rockets to the test by building rockets in groups. Deciding on the structure, making calculations to ensure their rockets have the right trajectory and launches the highest, the teams excitedly took their water rockets outdoors! It was (literally) a blast for them to cheer on their friends, and also be able to experience the power of a water rocket launch (imagine what a real launch would feel like!). 
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